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Insomnia by J.A. Jaken: 
Recovering from the pain of a broken relationship, Julian goes on a solo trek along the Adirondack trail in an attempt to rediscover who he is. Along the way he learns there are far stranger things lurking in the old woods than a lover's betrayal, and that the old magic—once you fall prey to its allure—inevitably changes a person forever.

For good or for ill.
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His Whipping Boy by J.A. Jaken
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Sacred Guardian series by J.A. Jaken
Book Series Trailer Video
Pathfinder by J.A. Jaken
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Sacred Guardian series

"All you fantasy lovers out there are about to get a true treat when you crack open this book. You will be transported to an incredible world that has a feel of feudal Japan and incredible characters who draw you into a journey that will have you gripped from the first chapter."

- MM Good Book Reviews


The Dragon Mage Chronicles

"This is an amazing m/m romance. The author has sucked me into this world and now I sit here awaiting the next series. This author is, I believe, amongst the best in this genre and I have never been disappointed with any of his/her books."

- Loving Without Limits


The House of Silence

"The author takes you on a fantastically written journey to an alternate reality of old-worldly grandeur, in which an opulent brothel with secret passageways is home to beautiful young men and their charismatic, but mysterious master. You, too, will get sucked into the seductive world inside the House and the lives of its occupants."

- The Blog of Sid Love



"I couldn't stop reading... I can't and I won't give less than 5 stars. J.A. Jaken can write! If you’re into a fast-paced, science fiction story with a dash of angst and twistedness, then definitely give Pathfinder a shot. I know I look forward to reading more from this author."

- Love Bytes


The Magician's Apprentice

by J.A. Jaken


Narrated by:  Dan Calley


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