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March 19, 2023
I am so excited about this! I've been working for the past several days on creating a book series trailer video for The House of Silence, and it's finally done. Please give it a watch/listen if you have a spare minute, and let me know what you think. It was really aggravating to work on, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I think the frustration was worth it.

All of the audio clips are from Dan Calley's fantastic audiobook narration, and the quotes are from reviews the series has received on Goodreads and Amazon:
- Book Series Trailer Video -
March 18, 2023

I just hit the go button on the audiobook for Entering the House of Silence. Now it's in the hands of the QA gods over at ACX, waiting on their approval. I'm still feeling blown away by how good it all turned out. I had this same sort of giddy feeling the first time I listened to Dan bringing my characters to life in Through the Last Door, like these characters that had until then existed only in my head are now out there for everyone to enjoy. It's an absolutely breathtaking feeling.
March 17, 2023

Oh, my dear god. I just finished reviewing the audio files for Entering the House of Silence, the 5-story prequel anthology set in the House of Silence universe, and I am still recovering from the experience. Dan Calley has completely outdone himself, with an absolutely gorgeous performance that had me literally on the edge of my seat as I was listening to it. There were parts where I couldn't breathe, and the world around me entirely ceased to exist. The man's voice goes from cute and sweet to hot and steamy to dark and edgy all in the blink of an eye, and he makes it all seem so effortless. I swear it has to be black magic of some kind, lol.

I am REALLY looking forward to sharing the audiobook for these stories with all of you. Whether they're your first introduction to the House of Silence characters or a side trip to spend some more time with them after you've experienced the other books in the series, it is going to blow you away. It certainly did for me.

I think I might have to go back and listen to it again. 😁 *swoon*
March 11, 2023

Books 1 and 2 in The House of Silence m/m erotica series are now available in audiobook, thanks to the incredible voice acting talents of Dan Calley. Join Charon, Reiji, Tam, Danny, and Vincent as they embark on an adventure full of intrigue, mystery, and sensuality:

Buy Links:

Exodus (Volume 1):

US: adbl.co/3mIyCuy
UK: adbl.co/3JvQ9ih
All other marketplaces: getbook.at/HoS1

Ricochet (Volume 2):

US: adbl.co/3YIyYyq
UK: adbl.co/3YCHDT5
All other marketplaces: getbook.at/HoS2

The House of Silence
by J.A. Jaken
Audiobook narrated by: Dan Calley

Genres: M/M Erotica, BDSM, Gothic, Suspense
(Content advisory: nonconsensual sex)

Volume 1: 8 hrs 35 min (90,000 words)
Volume 2: 8 hrs 16 min (88,000 words)

Exodus (Volume 1) summary:

The House of Silence is an elite male bordello catering to the obscenely rich. No matter how extreme or mundane the fantasy, the House is rumored to serve. Master Charon employs a group of versatile, beautiful young men, some lewd, some innocent, many with tragic pasts and hidden secrets of their own, who depend on him for safety. Each young man -- Vincent, Danny, Reiji, Tam and more -- brings his own history and his own fears to the House of Silence.

This unpredictable mix erupts when danger threatens. A powerful nobleman strikes out at Charon and his staff, seeking to destroy them all if he's not given what he wants: one of the boys to keep for his own.

Ricochet (Volume 2) summary:

The sanctuary of The House of Silence is shattered when an influential client presents Master Charon with an ultimatum: hand over Vincent, or he'll destroy the House. When Charon refuses, he is plunged into a nightmare of reprisals, forcing him and the boys who work for him to fight for their lives, their sanity, and their right to exist. Why are some powerful men willing to destroy the House of Silence to get hold of one male prostitute? What secret threatens the governments of two countries?

Charon, Phoebe - the head of security - and all the young men of the House of Silence will have to work together. They must tap into long-hidden resources and long-denied histories for their safety and survival. To thwart the forces aligning against them, they'll need to unlock the secrets buried deep in the House's past. How much is one man's life worth to them?

"The author takes you on a fantastically written journey to an alternate reality of old-worldly grandeur, in which an opulent brothel with secret passageways is home to beautiful young men and their charismatic, but mysterious master, Charon Marque. [...] You, too, will get sucked into the seductive world inside the House and the lives of its occupants."
-The Blog of Sid Love

"I recommend this to anyone that likes Lords, rich business men, Cabals, dark fantasy, M/M erotica, sensual steamy sex, BDSM (not the soft and flowery kind), D/s, mystery, and intrigue- it’s all here, and more."
-MM Good Book Reviews

"Wow, this is so well-written that I am amazed by it and will be reading the other books in this series. The setting, the tone, the mood... everything just pulled me in."

"What a heart gripping emotional roller coaster well written and plot driven book. Each character in this book grabs at you and never let go. I have finished books 1 and 2 a couple days now and gosh what an impression it left. Each character was written with their own specific persona that added to the development of the plot. I cried, laughed, and struggled along with these characters which makes the impact even greater."

"I guarantee you will fall in love with Reiji, Danny, Tam, Vincent, Brand, Lord Ander, and the heart of this family Charon. Must Must Must BUY!"

"I think what makes this book and the series of books work is that Jaken takes the time to develop interesting, 3-D characters. The characters are complicated and like real people they have strengths and weaknesses."

"I loved Charon and his boys. Each was well developed, wonderfully flawed, and ultimately likeable. Add an uptight cop, a mysterious patron, and a lonely lord, sprinkle in a few despicable bad guys, and you've got a sexy, intriguing story."
- Reader Reviews (Amazon and Goodreads)

February 28, 2023

The audiobooks for books 1 and 2 in The House of Silence are completed and approved!  Now it's just a matter of waiting for ACX to complete the QA process, and they'll be ready to go.
These books are a bit nontraditional in that they use sex as a means to tell the story, introducing the characters and their faults--and the growth they undergo throughout the course of the story--through various sexual encounters in addition to the more driving suspense/mystery-driven plot that carries the story forward.  When I wrote the series, I wanted to try exploring a world with a kind of alternate sexual morality than our current one has, where sex is more common and shared freely among multiple partners:

  • Tam, a flamboyant son of aristocrats trying to make a name to set himself apart from the overbearing influence of his family.
  • Reiji, a penniless, hotheaded waif whose fey quality is matched by the cruelty he shows to allies and enemies alike.
  • Vincent, whose physical scars mask an even deeper wound, who has chosen to find transcendence through his suffering.
  • Danny, a winsome young beauty seeking to escape the violence of his past and somehow find the courage to forge a future worth living.
  • Ander, a grief-stricken lord desperate for any scrap of feeling to give his life meaning.
  • Aburon, whose true identity outside the walls of the House is a secret to all--or so he believes.
  • Brand, a dedicated officer of the law determined to bring the House to justice for its immoral activities... if only he can avoid falling prey to its allure.
  • Charon, the owner of the House, who rules his dominion with a firm hand but is loved dearly by those he has sold his soul to protect.

Dan Calley has done such an incredible job of bringing these characters to life, giving them unique personalities and personas through his performance.  I really feel the emotion in it, the excitement, the tension in the more plot-driven parts of it.  There's a sense of gravity to it, and a sense of fun in the lighter parts that I really appreciate.  I'm super excited to share the finished product with all of you.
Book 3 is planned for audiobook production as well, but how soon that happens will depend on how well books 1 and 2 perform.  If only I had an infinite amount of funds to spend on these projects! ^_^

February 25, 2023

Recording for the second audiobook in The House of Silence series is finished! I'm going to give the files a listen over this weekend and then we'll be moving forward with publishing the first two audiobooks in the series. I'm so excited!!!

February 13, 2023

Recording for the first audiobook in The House of Silence series is finished! I have so much love for these characters, and Dan gave such an amazing performance for them. We're doing pickups this week, and then it's on to book 2. 🥰

February 10, 2023

Sharing the new graphic I made for The House of Silence because I was home sick yesterday and got bored. I also made some formatting updates to the series page on my website to make it pop a little more: bit.ly/HoSseries

No new updates on the audiobook yet, but it is in the works! *bounces happily*

February 7, 2023

Audiobook recording for The House of Silence series begins tomorrow! So far we've nailed down voices for over a dozen of the characters, and worked out pronunciations for various names and places. Dan is doing an absolutely amazing job capturing the characters with their unique personalities and speech patterns, and has been extremely patient with my requests for tweaks and changes as we go. ❤️

I absolutely adore Charon and his boys, and all of the various escapades (and sexcapades, heh) they get up to. I'm really looking forward to sharing the series in this new format, brought to life by Dan's incredible talent. It's so amazing to actually hear the voices of Reiji and Tam and Danny and dear, wounded Vincent. And Charon, of course, and Aburon and Ander and Brand and the rest..... I have so much love for this audiobook, and the first chapter hasn't even been recorded yet. 😄

February 5, 2023

Dan Calley has agreed to narrate The House of Silence series in audiobook. I am super, SUPER excited about this! I've heard voice samples for most of the characters already, and they are absolutely amazing. Charon, Reiji, Tam, Danny, Vincent, Aburon, Ander, and the rest... it's such a thrill hearing them come to life like this. I can't wait to hear more! ❤️

January 24, 2023

The audiobook for His Whipping Boy has been released!  You can grab a copy through Amazon Audible:

His Whipping Boy
by J.A. Jaken

Audiobook: 1 hour 32 minutes (15,500 words)
Narrated by: Dan Calley
Genre(s): Historical fantasy, M/M romance (with elements of BDSM)

Cedric de Breos was an average son from an average farmer’s family before he was chosen—by royal decree—to befriend Alain Tomolia, the solemn and enigmatic crown prince of Dunn. As Cedric dutifully pursues their strange friendship, he begins to suspect that Alain is haunted by a dark secret, one which has its roots sunk deep in the crown prince’s past. Cedric’s situation is complicated by the gradual realization that his intended purpose is not only to serve as companion to the crown prince but also as his surrogate in the whipping yard, taking the punishment for Alain’s misdeeds. Will Cedric find a way to come to terms with the resentment, pity, curiosity, and reluctant attraction he feels toward the crown prince, or will he allow the circumstances around them to command their fate?

Buy Links:


January 16, 2023

Sharing the book trailer video I made for the upcoming release of His Whipping Boy in audiobook. Dan Calley has done an absolutely stunning job narrating it. There's so much depth and emotion in his performance for these characters. I'm absolutely thrilled with how it turned out. ❤️


Audiobook Trailer Video

January 7, 2023

Happy New Year, everyone!  I've been struggling with some health issues over the past six months or so, but I'm starting to get back to my former routines now and I'm looking forward to returning my attention to my interrupted writing projects again.  Writing brings so much joy and peace to my life, even if I never share it (although sharing it is a separate joy all on its own).  It's been really difficult not having that support to lean on, but I can feel my muses gearing up now with the urge to start crafting new worlds and stories once again.  It is a really good feeling.

So what does this newest year hold in store?  I'm planning to move forward with the audiobook production of The Magician's Apprentice, which will be narrated by Dan Calley.  I'm also intending to continue with my interrupted plans to start releasing some exclusive short stories for subscribers to my newsletter to enjoy, in thanks for their continued support of me and my writing.  The most ambitious project I'm planning by far is a new novel titled The Demon Thief, which I'm really excited about because it entails some creative twists and ebook programming techniques that I haven't used in a novel before.  I think you'll all be really surprised and intrigued by it, and will hopefully enjoy it very much. ❤️